Structural Processing has been anodizing aluminum for over 50 years and our specialty in the architectural field has earned us a reputation for quality throughout this time. Our ability to handle large and long parts permits us to take advantage of our 26 ft. tank lengths and 55 in. tank depths. This allows us to anodize anything from sheets to extrusions to fabricated parts of all kinds. In addition, we know that timely service is critical to the trades we serve and we strive to deliver according to the demands of our industry.

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We believe that anodizing is both a science and an art, but to achieve the best results the most important starting point begins in using the best quality metals from the outset. Anodized finishes are not coatings that cover over aluminum surfaces, rather they result from a controlled process which accelerates the natural oxidation of aluminum, forming a  protective oxide layer that enhances the original surface features of the metal. The finished surfaces are aesthetic, extremely hard and immune to further oxidation. Since Structural Processing specializes in exterior architectural anodizing, we limit ourselves to anodizing only the colors that are the industry standards.

      WE OFFER

  • Clear Anodized (Class I and II)
  • Dark Bronze Anodized
  • Medium Bronze Anodized
  • Light Bronze Anodized
  • Champagne Anodized
  • Black Anodized